No, it is not permitted to trade on behalf of your client(s) unless you are a licensed fund manager.

You can earn commissions as long as you refer clients to Global GT and they are active traders since the percentage of commission is either per lot or a percentage of spread. Clients’ trading activity however must not be less than 5 minutes in regards to the timing between the opening and closing of positions.

Yes you can also receive commission for up to a level 2 structure.  For details on how it works, please refer to the ‘Partner Structure’ page of the ‘Partners’ section of our website.

Commissions are based on volume traded and levels of tiers. Please contact our Support for more information on the commission structure.

You need to consult with your local authorities and check the local regulations as to whether you are required to pay taxes based on commission earnings.

Partners can view how many GTLots each of their clients has traded within the Reports Sections.

At Global GT, partners are offered various advantages. These include flexible daily payouts, the choice of payouts in Fiat and/or Cryptos, attractive commission plans, ready marketing material, multi-affiliate commission structure and more! All details can be found under the ‘Partners’ section of our website.

Commissions are recalculated every 60 seconds therefore they are always updated.

Yes, commission varies per account type, client activity and asset class. Please contact us for details.

The maximum commission that you can earn depends on tiers and volume traded by your clients which can reach up to $12 per lot.

Fund management requires a specific license to be able to manage clients’ funds.

For more information on our offices, please free to contact us by email at [email protected]

Partners will be able to request a withdrawal/s through the Partner’s Portal, subject to the Available Balance displayed at that given time and provided the Partner’s Commission is over one hundred dollars (USD) or USD equivalent. Withdrawal/s will be processed within 48 hours after the Commissions are generated and moved in the Available Balance section in the Partner’s Portal.

Under the current regulations / license, you are not required to be licensed to be an affiliate. You must check however if any specific regulations apply in your country.

You can receive commissions in the Fiat currencies or Cryptos that are available in the Partners Portal.

To become an Affiliate / Partner, you need to first register to our Partner Portal and reach out to our Support team to guide you through the complete process.

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